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No problems, no drama. Use a Roadmaster All-Terrain towbar and MX brackets. Have a Brakemaster supplemental braking system installed. Perform the transmission fluid circulation routine before towing and then again usually at every fuel stop (3-4 hours), though according to the manual it's only necessary every 8 hrs. towing. A tow bar may be adjustable, collapsible or fixed and can be compatible with specific aftermarket bumpers or work more universally. For straight pull, flat towing your Jeep, 4WD has a variety of options that will install and remove easily and move with the grace of a duck landing on water. Vehicle Specific Tow Bar Base Plate that matches Tow Bar connection An Accessory / Combo Kit (Tail Light Wiring, Cable, Tow Bar Locks, Tow Bar Cover & More) * Supplemental Braking Systems Sold Separately and May Be Required By Law In States You Travel, Call Us For Help With Brake Selection and Best Pricing At 877-736-CAMP.